Thursday, 22 December 2011

WIP - Enclosed Medusa

I've spent the last few weeks building the chassis for a 6x6 light armoured vehicle. Converted from a chimera with the side skirts built from plasticard I ended up with something like the picture you see below.

The the worst (best) thing happened and Secret Miniatures came out with their version. It looks better than mine, is less work than mine, and is cheaper than mine. So I'm going to save my money and buy a couple or twelve.

I do however have a couple of chassis and some spare tracks sitting idle. So I started hacking and slashing and came up with this.

It uses a spare Leman Russ turret with a nova cannon, some of the old track guards and a load of gubbins from the old vehicle accessory sprue, as well as a rhino front plate and an enormous amount of rivets made from plastic rod (and I'm still not finished). And, of course, I want at least 3.

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas


  1. looking awesome Chris, the medusa looks great! and thankfully unlike you the secret weapon stuff came out just as I was beginning to find wheels to make some 6 wheeled transports/ artillery pieces (Griffons) How long / how much work did the medusa take roughly to get like you show in th epic?

  2. The hull (excluding the rivets) is basically a set back chimera. I've used plasticard to fill in the sides and front and some milliput to help support the squared-off front and fill in gaps. That took about 2 hours of work time before leaving it to set.

    The tracks are mounted backwards so I needed to remove the guides from the inside tracks, as well as sink in the pontoons (old chimera kit), which took about another hour.

    I'm two hours into the rivets now, shouldn't take much more than an hour to finish them. So about 5 1/2 hours total.

  3. I think you look awesome and in keeping with the theme you've done a really good job.