Sunday, 4 December 2011

M119 Automatic Mortar Battery

“Fox Nine, Fox Nine, this is Echo One One. Adjust fire, over.” The Vox bud chimed in Sergeant Morse’s left ear.

“Echo One One this is Fox Nine, adjust fire out” Morse responded as he motioned his team to prep the mortars.

“Grid Nine, Alpha, Seven, Dash, Two, Bravo, Four. Enemy infantry squad moving along the trail. Fire when ready, over”

Morse repeated the fire mission back to the forward observer as his team entered the co-ordinates into the repeating mortars and selected single-round manual fire. Morse nodded to the corporal and with three muted thumps the rounds were away.

“Rounds away, Sir”

Very much a WIP update today. I saw this conversion on the internet a while ago and it always struck me as too good to be a 'normal' mortar.

It was done by the same person that I 'borrowed' the sentry gun conversion from, and actually uses a lot of the left overs from that conversion.

Now having finished converting two, with a third being WIP, I intend to mount them on a valkyrie base. I'll build a bit of a diorama, and use them as either thudd guns or heavy mortars, or (more likely) just something nice to look at.

I've been converting away and building more of the Salopian Rangers for next weekends Iron Painter. I'm supposed to be working the Saturday but am trying to get the shift swapped, if that's not possible I'll probably do it from home and post the updates to the blog instead.

Thanks for reading.

Edit: I've got the camera working so here's a photo of my conversions...


  1. that looks fantastic!! what an awesome idea as well. but please, drill that barrel out ;)

  2. It wasn't my idea and that isn't actually the ones I've done (which do have the barrel drilled) but my camera isn't working at the moment so I nicked the picture as well as the conversion :)