Saturday, 10 December 2011

24 Hour Painting Challenge - Start

I was planning on attending the Arkham Iron Painter event this weekend, unfortunately I can't attend due to work commitments. Instead of dropping out completely I've decided to do the challenge from the comfort of my own home.

In this case I've decided to paint three squads of melta armed veterans as a minimum target. I have 10 of these built as of now with the parts for the other 20 infront of me.

As you'll see from some of the pictures of the unpainted models (if and when I take them) I've recently stripped them from their original colour scheme. They were the first fully painted army I completed and I managed to do them in about 2-3 months. I was terribly impressed with them originally but 2 years later and I couldn't stand the sight of them when I now know I can do so much better.

Anyway, its 4.58, so I'm going to leave it another 2 minutes and start at 5.00 exactly, and I'll update about every other hour or so (but I make no promises lol!) or probably a better way would be to do an update as I finish each batch of 5 models, building, painting etc, rather than doing my updates in an arbitrary fashion.

Of course whichever plan I choose I probably won't stick to it anyway!

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