Saturday, 10 December 2011

24 Hour Painting Challenge - 6 hours 45 minutes in

OK, so the first 10 man veteran squad has since been completed. I'm giving myself a little break of about 30 minutes or so to get up and walk around and actually do something besides stare at little models.

I've cracked open a couple of redbulls so far as I am starting to get a little tired and at the same time a little restless and its impacting upon my concentration. I'll probably head to the local 24 hour garage soon, as i hope the cold air and/or junk food will perk me up.

I've messed around a bit putting names on the bases of some of the squad and a rank marking for the sergeant, so as to differenciate him from the rank and file as he is carrying a rifle instead of the laspistol and CCW he is supposed to have.


  1. Thanks, I only saw this today as I was too busy concentrating on painting the models. Thanks for the encouragement.