Friday, 25 November 2011

Meltaguns - Cheaply (ish)

As some of you will know, or if you look through my blog, you will notice I have an army of guardsmen with necron heads and a Tank company, and in 5th Edition 40k there is one weapon that is the last word in anti-tank capability - the meltagun. But no one ever has enough.

The following is a conversion that uses spare parts from my previous conversions and my bitz box in order to maximise the melta goodness I can field without resorting to paying £1.50 per meltagun.

I've promised a couple of people I'd put this up but every day-off I've had, when I have tried to take the photos its raining, so excuse the bad pictures.

First, this is a picture of the parts we will need,

The arms from an imperial guardsman (the set with the left hand separate from the gun)

A multimelta (shown here is one from a leman russ)

The right arm from a necron warrior and the weapon bits

Next we prepare the parts, the lasgun is removed from the guardman's arm, keeping as much of the stock as possible.

The ends of the multimelta are cut off and separated with a knife and rounded with a file and sand paper.

The Necron arm is cut down to basically just the chamber of the weapon. removing the cup that holds the plastic rod from both parts

Finally glue it all together, now in this photo I have forgotten to remove the little plastic nub on the back of the weapon but a quick snip of the clippers has since sorted that problem.

Also when putting this onto a guardsman you may need to file down the reverse side of the weapons vents in order to fit it snugly across the chest.

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