Wednesday, 2 November 2011

3rd Salopian Airborne Rangers - Part 1

Having finished my course for the next few months, and with the upcoming Arkham Iron Painter event, I've decided to start another IG army (yes another one!).

I sat down to work out a competitive list but still take the models I wanted to include and have a good theme. I already have a foot IG list, a list consisting of mechanised platoons with support, mechanised vets with support and a tank company. I love the Valkyrie model, but hate painting it. So naturally I decided to do an airborne list.

Over the past week I've been assembling a valkyrie and have done a bit of work to it to enable the option to take multiple hard-points though the use of magnets. This will enable me to take any of the options available to the valkyrie or vendetta. The first is pretty much finished and I'll have photos up once the weather clears up and I can get outside. The second is, as of today, barely out of the box.

I have started work on the infantry and have 10 veterans built and waiting undercoating and have all the parts I need to create all the infantry I'll need in a 1750 point list. Legs and bodies have been cleaned and assembled but the arms are taking a while (due in part to the fact that I'm stripping the shoulderpads from the models).

I plan to spread this out over a couple of posts with each unit having a post to itself as and when built. As I intend to paint these models at the Iron Painter event they will, sadly, be lacking more than an undercoat or basecoat until after the event (at which point I'll update each post with the finished photos)

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