Saturday, 8 October 2011

ETC Boot Camp

Today (and tomorrow although I cannot attend) the NI ETC team are having a Boot Camp, where trial army lists for next years ETC are tested against their likely opponents, my Mech gunline was the defender acting as a trial run for Alan's Dark Eldar. (attacker/defender means I basically have to hold out for a draw and try to stop him scoring points, if I can win the match so much the better, but I'm not necessarily expected to)

Deployment Type: Dawn of War
Primary Objective: Annihilation
Secondary Objective: Seize ground

My list
Company Command Squad, 4 meltas, Chimera
Platoon Command Squad, 4 meltas, Chimera
Infantry Squad, Autocannon, Chimera
Infantry Squad, Autocannon, Chimera
Platoon Command Squad, 4 meltas, Chimera
Infantry Squad, Autocannon, Chimera
Infantry Squad, Autocannon, Chimera
Leman Russ x2
Leman Russ Demolisher x2

Alan's List is basically 4/5 large squads of hellions, the Baron, 3 haemonculus and 3 wracks.

Alan won the roll off to go first and choose to deploy one squad of hellions on the halfway point with the wracks with the Baron near his board edge, everything else is rolling on turn 1, I choose to deploy nothing and have everything bar Marbo come on turn 1 as well.

Alan moved his hellion squads on from the board edge and the Baron left the wrack squad (taking the pain token) and joined up with the forward deployed hellions who lost 2 men to moving through cover.

On my turn I deployed my chimeras 12 inches on to the board on my left hand side, away from the Baron's squad deployed as PCS, IS, IS, CCS, PCS, IS, IS, with the manticore in the very left corner and with the LRBTs next to them the demolishers were placed behind the IS chimera's on the right of my line. The hellhound moved on 12" in front of the baron unit and opened fire at point blank range wiping out about half of the squad with some help from the LRBTs, the demolishers were out of range and the manticore rolled a double 1 for its nightfighting roll.

Alan seperates his haem's from the hellions, leaving the hellions with the pain tokens, who then rush forwards but don't make combat this turn. The baron's unit manages to shake the hellhound. The hellhound manages to tank shock forwards 12" and succeeds in forcing morale tests on 3 units (all of which pass) The baron's unit takes the brunt of my firepower, with marbo's demo charge accounting for about 6, and ends the turn falling back and under half strength.

Alan manages to get squads into combat with 4 of my stationary vehicles and proceeds to stunlock 3 of them but does no permanent damage. The Hellhound is not so lucky and is stunned and has its inferno cannon destroyed. I spend my turn 3 repositioning my units so as to fire upon the units in combat with my vehicles and succeed in inflicting enough casualties to force alan to remove all of the models in close combat with one of the chimeras meaning it cannot be hit in my assault phase.

Turns 4-6 turn into a bit of a farce as Alan is unable to roll higher than a 1 or 2 on the damage chart in the vast majority of cases, he does manage to kill marbo, one chimera and the infantry squad inside and I count the hellhound as destroyed (immobilised vehicle with one weapon about to be hit by 45+ attacks repeatedly, no need to waste all that time). I slowly wittle down the hellions until at the end of turn 6 I chase away two units of 1 man each and destroy the rest, his wracks eat a manticore salvo and 2 of his haemonculus die, one to an autocannon the other to two demolisher rounds to the face (incase you haven't noticed I believe whole-heartedly in overkill) leaving him with one haemonculus on the table. We get a turn 7 but Alan decides to call it here, he can run his sole survivor out of LOS and the manticore is empty so I'll not be able to get the tabling.

End result is 9 KP to 4, 2 objectives to none, 1408 difference in VP, results in a 19 - 1 victory to me


  1. Assuming this is Alan I played at Dominion Day in Feb with my Tau, I respect his ability as a player...but that list is fucking shit.

    Close Combat lists simply don't work, especially when they're based on models that take up too much space, and have T3, with fuck all armour.

    When I read it, I cringed, and for you to essentially table him is no shock.

    Also, doesn't the HH have a Searchlight? Quite apart from the fact that Indirect fire doesn't require Night Fighting dice...

  2. Shock Horror! TKE doesn't know the rules - You can only fire indirect if stationary, because it moved I cannot fire it as a barrage and need to pass the nightfight test.

    Yeah I fucked up with the manticore by stating I was firing it first before remembering it was nightfight, usually I fire a chimera first but I wanted blast templates on the baron's unit before I finished him off with the hellhound.

    TBH it wasn't all that one sided, or at least shouldn't have been, but Alan (and yes it's that Alan) rolled absolutely terrible on the damage charts, he got 7/8 glances on one chimera and didn't roll higher than a 2 on any of the dice.

    sv5+ and FNP is equivalent to a 3+ save Rick, with fleet jump infantry you shouldn't see much more than 1/2 turns of fire, as long as you can get the metal boxes opened and get locked in CC, he's another list with ravagers etc that he was trying out with jonny, seemed to do much better.

  3. Seven or 8 Glances still isn't enough to destroy most vehicles. Glances are all you can hope for, and Power Armour dudes aren't exactly hard to kill - also, of course, Multi-Lasers remove FnP because they are T3, and Bolters remove their save, so it's not hard to insta-gib Hellions.

    I have a Flamerback for largely the same reasons as your Hellhound, and I would've laughed insanely when I started burninating those Hellions.

    Close Combat is unnecessary in 40k. I take Priests more for FnP than for FC.

  4. Rick it was 7/8 glances on each of 4 vehicles for 5 assault phases and I lost one gun... even odds should have seen a couple wrecked via weapon destroyed/immobilised results

    To be fair he was hoping for +1 strength, or I think he should have put 2 haemos into one squad and then had them leave the two pain tokens with them for FNP and furious charge when he didn't get it (IIRC combat drugs are done before deployment, right?) drastically increases the chances of wrecking the vehicle.

    Laughing insanely? who me? ;-)