Saturday, 17 September 2011

NWG - Friday Night Game

Got down to Gorey last night about 6ish and after checking into the B&B, I headed down to the Amber Springs Hotel where the tournament is being held for some food and the possibility of a game.

Ended up facing Ger O'Brien's 'Loganbomb' Space Wolves. his list consisted of...

  • Logan
  • Wolf Guard unit with 2x power fist/combi melta wolfguard, and Arjac
  • Wolf Guard unit with 6 wolfguard in terminator armour with 3 combi-meltas,wolf claw, power fist, assault cannon, storm shield and a chain fist
  • Grey Hunter pack with meltagun, standard, mark of the wulfen w/rhino
  • Grey Hunter pack with meltagun, standard, mark of the wulfen w/rhino
  • Caestus Assault Ram with Frag assault launchers
  • Long Fang pack with 5 missiles w/drop pod
  • Long Fang pack with 5 missiles w/drop pod
  • Long Fang pack with 5 multi-meltas w/drop pod
Logan and Arjac went with the MM long fangs and the other two wolfguard went into the grey hunter packs, the second pack of wolfguard went into the caestus.

Mission is Capture and Control, Depoloyment is Dawn of War. Gers objective is about 6" on from the table edge in the centre of his deployment zone, mine is right in my left hand corner.

I win the roll of to go first and decide to make my opponent take the first turn.

Ger decides to have everything roll on turn 1, and chooses the two missile squads to come down first leaving Logan in reserve. He walks the missle Long Fangs on from the edge of his board and runs them up onto the top of two hills on either side of the long table edge, he drops the two empty droppods in an attempt to block off my objective, one manages to land on target but the other scatters half off the board.

Now as a IG player I don't often use deepstrike so was unsure of what result was what onthe mishap table and joked if a 5/6 is a destroyed I should let Ger roll it as i'm only roll ones and twos. Ger adv me that the 1/2 result is a destroyed result and did I fancy making the roll now, my reply to which was along the lines of "hell yes! i roll ones and twos like they're going out of fashion". The result? a 2, and the drop pod is destroyed.

His Grey Hunters drive their rhinos on to either side of his objective, and park up behind some difficult terrain. His Caestus moves 36" and makes a move towards my objective.

My Turn begins with my entire army (bar the chimera and infantry) rolling on to the table on the otherside of the board to my objective, I pop smoke in one of each of the squadrons and on the command tanks as i'm very worried about Monsieur Logan and friends and their assortment of anti-tank death. Shooting is very spotty, either I fail my nightfighting (with a re-roll) or I do no damage, I managed to stun his Caestus with a side armour shot.

Logan Drops in and decides to pick relentless for his free USR for the turn (who didn't realise that was coming?), The Caestus disembarks its troops and they make a run for my objective stopping about 5-6 inches away, half hidden behind a drop pod. The Caestus itself moves towards my tanks.

Logan's unit splits fire into a command tank and my closest tank squadron, 3 multi-meltas on the command tank and 2 and Arjacs hammer on the squadron, after misses, failed penetration rolls and cover saves (one of which I re-rolled on the tank squadron) I escape unscathed.

The Chimera rolled on at the end of my line nearest my objective. I stay stationary to fire at full effect (twice with the battle cannon) and kill all the long fangs in Logans squad, forcing them to fall back a mighty 2", I hit both the missile long fangs with blast after blast and they also fell back having suffered casualties but remained on the table and would auto rally next turn. The Caestus took a beating from my units and is immobilised and weapon destroyed (I got rid of thet 5" melta blast weapon) leaving it pretty much unable to do anything.

The rest of the game continued in a predictable fashion, Logan fell back once more (and thinking about it now he can make himself fearless right? he should have been able to auto rally even if I had units within 6"?) leaving Arjac out of range with his hammer, I blew open the grey hunter rhinos and my colossus artillery strike scattered perfectly to kill 3 and force a pinning test (which was passed). In the 4th turn fired almost my entire army at the drop pod blocking my objective before it finally went down

I then proceeded to kill the grey hunters on his objective and in the 5th turn I moved my chimera as close to my objective as I could and fired the battlecannons at the wolfguard forcing them to automatically fall back despite suffering no casualties (as they were hit by infernus rounds) which left them too close to the chimera to rally in their next turn and they fell back further from my objective. I moved my Chimera onto my objective to take it, shot infernus rounds at all the infantry Ger had left to force them to fall back and then rolled for another turn (a 1) winning the game.

Ger had an immobilised and weapon destroyed Caestus and I had everything left, bar a weapon destroyed chimera.

VP difference 1745 - a 20-0 victory (if we were playing in the tournament that is)

Next Up... Tank Company Vs Ork Horde aka NWG - How Many Orks?


  1. Bah, there's nothing wrong with FW for the most part, the lists are less broken than the IG codex, you just have to watch out for a few items is all.

    If you don't like FW you're playing the game wrong TKE ;)

  2. Most FW stuff is horrible, rules-wise. It's shit, it's not an issue of being broken, it's a waste of space.

    No Codexes are broken. :P

    And FW isn't part of the base game, any more than Planetstrike or CoD. Haha.

  3. No codexes are broken?

    Did you not get the memo about GK, SW or IG? :)

    The rules are fine, ok the army lists are not exactly the cutting edge of competitive gaming, but they add a lot of depth to the game (well for IG mainly) but also they make a refreshing change of pace.