Sunday, 8 January 2012

PIP - Enclosed Medusa

For the last two weeks I've been finishing off my enclosed medusa, I've done a bit more work to the conversion itself (adding pintle weapons etc) and have started the painting of the model.

I've planned on painted the hull, turret, dozer blade and a secret accessory (shock!) seperately. Pictured below is the model after base coating and a wash. The model has had the transfers applied to the model before the wash and weathering will begin to make them look more realistic.

As a side note, just before taking these pictures I managed to break off the hunter killer missile from the side of the turret, this will be fixed back on later, I'm probably going to have to pin it or something...

Thanks for reading...


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  2. Very very nice. looking forward to seeing it getting blown up at NWG2012 ;)

  3. @Dakeryus, thats a mean thing to say! It won't actually be heading to NWG though, I'm gonna stick with the armoured company so it'll all be russes, but I many bring more scoring units this time, one was not enough :)