Saturday, 28 January 2012

Raptors Predator Destructor

So having decided upon a list and built the units I'll need I now have a little under 2 weeks to get everything painted to at least a three colour minimum to take part in K-Con.

Now this is the part where things get interesting. I could paint the models to a quick 3 colour minimum and get in some practice games or I could go to town on the models and do a really good job and no doubt get my arse handed to me by all and sundry. Guess which I've picked...

As if it was ever in doubt? Now as I have a copy of IA3 The Taros Campaign I thought I'd go with the Raptor Legion and use the high number of reference photos to paint my force to fit in with the background...

I still need to add in the chapter symbol on the right side of the turret and mark the vehicle with the campaign badge, but otherwise its finished. Not bad for a day's work.


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    1. Thanks, I have started using weathering powders on some of my models and I have your blog to thank for that idea, plus the advice on how to seal them as well.

  2. Nice looking Pred Chris, liking the raptors choice alot, wha tgot you to pick them?

  3. Well I could say it was the easy paint scheme, or having IA3 and IA9 so I can reference all the colour schemes etc, but really it was yesterdays review on the war altar calling Raptors absolutely broken because of army wide stealth and -1 to enemy reserves, I'm all about the WAAC. :) basically I like the background, they adapt, improvise and overcome etc.

  4. Doing anything special with the marines themselves? Like forgeworld mixing and matching or keeping it cheap and cheerful?

    Does this also mean yuo're playing them over guard for a few events? :P

    I hope not! its bad enough being either the only guard player or one of 3 (Blob guard at that!!) at warpcon.

    You're going arkham right?

  5. Nothing really special, removing the chest eagle, as every picture seems to show them lacking this, using the biker heads with the comms, to make them look high tech, etc.

    Don't think I'm heading to Arkham, got a ticket but may not be able to afford it, can't seem to find a cheap place to stay, plus I'm supposed to be working...

    They're just a side project, sort of a change is a s good as a rest thing.

  6. When is this Arkham event again? I wonder if I could bring myself to unretire my Eldar...

    Frankly, I doubt it, but I don't want to see you out of pocket either.

    As for your tank, looks good.

    K-Con is one of the 1k events right? Ugh. :(

  7. K-Con's 1k Highlander format, which i think basically is no two units the same.

    Arkham event is 18-19th of this month. 1850 no restrictions.

  8. Hey as your becoming a raptors player would be interested in joining The Badab Bloggers ( We had quite a few Raptor collectors but sadly alot have gone quite of late and it would be nice to see an active raptor collecter again.

  9. Well to be honest the plan was just for a 1000 point list for the tournament tomorrow as it didn't involve me buying anything new, but I could expand it, albeit slowly as my course starts next week, and I want to do an airborne veteran guard list as well.

  10. Hey ItsPug. What color basing did you use there? That's a really accurate Raptors scheme. Congrats!