Thursday, 12 January 2012

K-Con 1000pt Highlander list

Assuming I get tickets (which will be available tomorrow) I'll be heading down to Dublin for a tournament on the 11th of February. Its a 1000 point, 5 game tournament played on 4'x4' tables with one slight difference - no unit may be duplicated.

Below you can see a copy of a list I'm considering taking, its chosen from the dark angels codex, and I've chosen this particular list as it means I don't have to buy anything and only have to paint half of it. Its got fast units backed up by some fire support and should play completely different to my usual Imperial Guard

Captain Nash (205)
Sammael in land speeder

Ancient Ramirez (145)
Venerable Dreadnought with Assault Cannon and DCCW with Storm Bolter

Squad Fasil (215)
Tactical Squad, meltagun, missile launcher, Rhino

Squad Kane (340)
6 bikes, 2 meltaguns, land speeder

Kastagir (95)
Predator with Autocannon and heavy bolter sponsons

1000 points exactly. Any C&C would, of course, be welcome


  1. looks like a lot of fun although six bikes is not a bit overkill would it not be better to get an attack bike into your list. As it might give you a little bit more manoeuvrability.

  2. also not too sure if I seen you at Arkham last weekend.

  3. I wasn't at arkham, becuase its out of the way and I'm in Enniskillen it means having to be staying there the night before and after, not really worth it. Dublin is fine though.

    I dont have an attack bike as the models are converted to be jetbikes. A multi-melta attack bike is good for dealing with armour, but I think I'll need more anti-infantry and less ant-tank than usual. Was there a lot less vehicles than usual at Arkham?