Friday, 10 February 2012

Forge World Updates!

So I've got my stuff packed for tomorrow's trip to Dublin for K-Con, double checked and triple checked that I've got everything, so I can be reasonably sure I've forgotten something obvious.

I decided to check my e-mails and got the Forge World newsletter and saw that they have produced an update for the D-99 list in IA 4. A very characterful list that was however showing its age.

To be honest I'm a little disappointed with the result, its basically the Elysian list with a lot of options taken out and a 20 point tax on every infantry unit for +1 initiative, stubborn and preferred enemy Tyranids, on top of the 5/10 point tax for deep strike you're already paying.

As far as I'm concerned there's a few problems with the Elysian list anyway, mainly having to pay for 5/10 points per squad for Deep Strike, with the limits on heavy weapons enforced by the list already being the balancing factor there's no real need to charge over the odds for this. Its not like its risk free at the best of times (especially if you roll like I do).

To put a 20 point increase on top of every single infantry squad (whether 5 or 10 men) is a joke. 2 of these benefits help in combat and the third helps in combat with Tyranids, all are a losing proposition for the guard. Vets have lots of special weapons and BS4 they should not be in combat.

To sum it up...
  • No extra extra special weapons for the command squads, you're still limited to one per squad.
  • No BS4 special weapon squads despite paying 60 points prior to buying weapons
  • 100 point veteran squads - before upgrades.
  • No longer count as pinned instead of falling back
  • 35 point sentry guns when they used to be 15
  • No variable squad strengths

Not what I was hoping for at all...

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