Wednesday, 22 February 2012

K-Con 2012 - Game 2

On to game 2, having (barely) beaten Jan in my first game I was up against Barry Hickey and his Space Wolves in a Dawn of War/Annihilation game.

My list can be found here for reference.

Barry's list was something along the lines of

Lord on Thunderwolf with frost blade
Rune Priest
Wolf Scouts
3 Wolf Guard
Grey hunters in a Rhino
Blood Claws in a Las/Plas Razorback.
5 Wolves
Longfang Squad with missile launchers.

Barry won the roll off and elected to deploy his Rune Priest and Grey Hunters in the Rhino as far forward as possible on my right hand side, with everything else, bar the scouts, rolling on first turn.

I deployed my Tactical squad and the Razorback behind and beside some ruins on my right hand side. I also manage to get both of my infantry squads to roll 1's on their red thirst check.

Turn 1 - Barry

Barry rolls on his long fangs behind the ruin in his deployment zone and proceeds to run them up to the second level, his razorback with the blood claws moves on beside them and his wolf lord, accompanied by the doggies, heads straight down the middle. His rune priest or razorback (i forget which) blow up my razorback before it gets a chance to move.

Turn 1 - Me

My dreadnought and drop pod come down next to his long fangs and my predator drives over the crater my razorback used to occupy. The Tactical squad fluffs against the Rune Priests rhino and the predator stuns the razorback. The dreadnought opens up on the Long Fangs and wipes out all but 2

Turn 2 - Barry

The doggy squad moves towards my tactical squad and looking at it I now realise he might be in charge range - oops. The lord seperates from the squad in anticipation of the charge. The rest of his shooting is ineffective and its on to the assault phase. The Lord rolls a 6 for his move through cover and barrels into the tactical squad killing 4 in the first turn for no loss.

Turn 2 - Me

My Assault Squad turns up and kills the Rune Priests rhino, the dreadnought moves towards the long fangs and kills one by shooting before assaulting the survivor, who doesn't survive much longer, the predator does no damage to the razorback and the wolf lord continues to chew through my tactical squad.

Turn 3 - Barry

Barry gets his wolf scouts on, which he deploys near the dreadnought by his own table edge, he also seperates the Rune Priest from the grey hunters and joins him to the dog squad about 8 inches away from my assault squad, the grey hunters open fire and thanks to me passing my shield power on a double 1 do little damage, I block his Rune Priest from casting murderous hurricane and Barry's scouts blow the DCCW off my dreadnought before charging in but neither side does damage, his wolf lord almost finishes munching the second half of the tactical squad I know it won't be much longer now.

Turn 3 - Me

Not much movement for me this time, my assault squad moves to setup a multi-charge against the runepriest in the dog squad and the dismounted grey hunters. The Predator does no damage against the razorback and the drop pod fires its storm bolter at the grey hunters doing no damage. The bolt pistols fired in the shooting phase and the ensuing assault in the assault phase sees me kill the runepriest with my librarians strength 10 attacks as well as doing a number on the remainder of the squads, wiping out the dogs but leaving some of the grey hunters to strike back, I lost alot of the assault marines but won combat.The dreadnought and scouts continue to slap away at each other and I kill one but they hold.

Turn 4 - Barry

Barrys units are almost all in combat, he fires the razorback at my predator but does no damage. The Wolf Lord finishes off the tactical squad and consolidates towards my assault squad, who finish off the last of the grey hunters.

Turn 4 - Me

The Predator fluffs against the razorback again and the assault squad (now much dimished - maybe 3 or 4 guys)  charges home against the wolf lord, who dies to a force weapon attack, but not before he decimates the rest of the squad leaving the librarian alone. I consolidate towards the fight between the dreadnought and the scouts

Turn 5 - Barry

Barry disembarks his blood claws and shoots at the drop pod causeing no damage, following this up by charging in. The razorback tries to kill the wounded librarian who manages to pass his cover saves.

Turn 5 - Me

Thanks to some bad maths (I forgot about the dog squad - I thought they were wargear) I think I'm on even KPs - I am actually one ahead, I weigh up my options and charge the wolf scouts to get the KP I need to win (risking in my mind the KP that will ensure a loss) with the librarian and between the dreadnought and librarian kill them for no loss.

I now add up the KPs to find out I risked getting a draw for no real gain but got away with it.

Now I'd like to point out again that this is my best recollection, if something is wrong (ie I killed the wolf lord in Barry's turn 4 as opposed to mine) I apologise and blame the lack of sleep and the alcohol lol!

Thanks for reading.

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