Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Sentry Guns

Sorry its been a while since the last post, I've been doing some home improvements :-) Now as I had some time on my hands while waiting for the plaster in my bedroom to dry I thought I'd do a bit of background fluff for my latest additions to my IG army, sentry guns. Pics will be available once I get the damn camera working...

Equipment: PROWLER Sentry Gun
The PROWLER (Programmable Robotic Observer with Logical Enemy Response) sentry gun is a deployable heavy weapon mount that features an advanced Wyrd IV sensor package, this allows the sentry gun to operate as either a support weapon or in restricted fire mode as a anti-infiltration scanner device. The PROWLER is usually fielded with one of two main weapons, an LPP-635 laser cannon for anti-tank operations or a Mjollnir-9AL grenade launcher for use against light vehicle and infantry. Generally deployed by air-drop, the weapon system would normally weigh around 250kgs (without ammunition) but the weapon itself incorporates a number of suspensor units to offset the weight to around 40 kgs. Each PROWLER will have one dedicated crewman who reloads the weapon if, and when, needed. The sentry gun contains a GX9A communications device and a LAU-65D machine spirit, with a cognition speed of 8000 co/second and a maximum contemplation capacity of 2200 kilobrains.

Equipment: Wyrd IV Sensor package
The Wyrd IV sensor package used on the PROWLER sentry gun consists of a 3x telescopic thermographic and night vision sight featuring an automated gated power supply, which regulates the photocathode voltage, allowing the device to instantaneously adapt to changing light conditions, thus resulting in a light amplification level of around 30,000–50,000× and capable of operating in wavelengths as long as 14,000 nanometres. It also incorporates a laser rangefinder/target designator which utilises a non-visible wavelength, bio- and energy-scanners, rad-counter, millimetre wave fire control radar, and an IFF interrogator module

Equipment: GX9A Communicator
The GX9A is a combat-net radio which operates in a network that provides a half-duplex circuit and uses a discrete set of radio frequencies in a frequency hopping mode. As a half-duplex circuit its primary use is for push-to-talk-operated radio nets for command and control of combat and between ground and air forces.

Weapon: LPP-635 Laser Cannon
The LPP-635 is a solid state laser cannon, each shot is powered by a non-rechargeable, single shot AM-Sh70 power pack of which 6 can be mounted simultaneously on a PROWLER chassis, as a laser based weapon the main beam travels instantly, allowing for easier use and reliably at range. The laser system uses a phase-conjugate laser system, this avoids the common problem of blooming by using a low level laser to illuminate the target prior to firing the main weapon. This guide laser reflects back towards the sensor on the weapon's primary amplifier, the weapon then amplifies inverted waves in a positive feedback loop, destroying the target with shock waves as the targeted regions evaporate at a molecular level. The waves from the targeting laser passed through the blooming, and therefore show the most conductive optical path; this automatically corrects for the distortions caused by blooming, greatly increasing both accuracy and power. Maximum battlefield range is around 2000m although lab tests indicate the laser can be effective at up to twice that distance, though this has yet to be proven on the field of battle.

Weapon: Mjollnir-9AL Grenade Launcher
The Mjollnir Grenade Launcher is a 55mm automatic grenade launcher capable of firing 75 rounds a minute at a max range of 2000m. Most commonly armed with 55x75mm HEDPAT (High explosive, dual purpose, anti-tank) rounds from a helical drum magazine with a max capacity of 50 rounds, although it is capable of firing a wide variety of ammunition such as HESH (high explosive, squash head) HEAT (high explosive, anti-tank), KP (kinetic penetrator) and HEI (high explosive, incendiary). The weapon uses a high-low pressure system, on firing, the pressure builds up in the chamber behind the grenade, which acts as a high pressure chamber and then is bled out the vents at half the pressure to the thinner walled barrel which acted as the low pressure chamber. Unlike a standard cannon, the high-low pressure system "shoves" the projectile out the barrel at a constantly increasing muzzle velocity due to the low initial firing speed the weapon has a greatly diminished recoil and as such a greater accuracy (1.2 milliradians).

Ammunition: 55x75mm High Explosive Dual Purpose Anti-Tank
HEDPAT rounds are a common variation on HEAT warheads. By surrounding the round with a conventional fragmentation casing, it allows the warhead to be more effectively used for blast and fragmentation attacks on unarmored targets, while still retaining anti-tank ability.

Ammunition: 55x75mm High Explosive Anti-Tank
High explosive anti-tank rounds are made of an explosive shaped charge that creates a very high-velocity partial stream of metal in a state of superplasticity that can punch through solid armor. The stream moves at hypersonic speeds (up to 25 times the speed of sound) in solid material and therefore erodes exclusively in the contact area of jet and armor material

Ammunition: 55x75mm High Explosive Squash Head
The HESH round consists of a soft explosive in a thin shell that is designed to open upon impact, spreading the explosive over the targets surface for a short micro-second before the base-mounted fuse detonates it. This causes cratering and cracking on the outer armour of a vehicle, on the inside, however, the blast causes some of the interior layers of armour to break off and ricochet around the inside of the vehicle, killing or wounding the occupants.

Ammunition: 55x75mm High Explosive Incendiary
The HEI round is designed to penetrate the armour of the target using high explosive properties, and then fragment and flare up, causing a fire either inside or outside of the target smothering the crew in flames, detonating ammunition, and destroying the target.

Ammunition: 55x75mm Kinetic Penetrator
A kinetic penetrator round is a type of ammunition which, like a bullet, does not contain explosives and uses kinetic energy to penetrate the target. The principle of the kinetic energy penetrator is that it uses its kinetic energy, which is a function of mass and velocity, to force its way through armour. This is delivered by concentrating the force in a small impact area while still retaining a relatively large mass due to using the densest metals practical.

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