Friday, 12 November 2010

Infantry Guard?

I've fancied doing an all infantry list for a while, and having completed my mech IG list, I thought its about time to give it a whirl, obviously the list isn't going to be super competitive but I'm looking for a little feedback as to anything I might have overlooked.

Company Command Squad
Creed, Vox, Lascannon, Astropath, 2 bodyguards

2x Priest
Shotgun, Eviscerator

2x Psyker Battle Squad
6 Sanctioned Psykers, Overseer

2x Platoon...
Platoon Command Squad
Lascannon, Vox

Infantry Squad
Commissar, 2 power weapons, meltabombs, meltagun, vox

2x Infantry Squad
power weapon, meltabombs, meltagun

Infantry Squad
Lascannon, Vox

Infantry Squad

Heavy Weapon Squad
3 Mortars

Heavy Weapon Squad
3 Autocannons

Infantry squads blob up first 3 and last 2 together, the 20 man squads with 2 lascannons provide fire support with the HWS' and PCS' and one of the assault squads outflanks and the other runs up the table.

Priests are there to increase the amount of damage I do in that first round of combat, they'll also help against vehicles as I'll get to re-roll the missed attacks with the meltabombs

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