Monday, 27 September 2010

Tanks, Tanks, Everywhere...

Well I think the title says it all, apparently after watching me construct 5 russes and 5 chimeras in the space of 6 hours in the local* GW I am now referred to by one of the new staff as "The Forgeworld"

Haven't had chance to update the blog much as I'm slowly but surely getting my shit together for Gaelcon, I am infact so far ahead in my preparations that I have even played a few games with the list, and its not even the night before the tournament!

I will of course be using Gaelcon as an excuse to write battlereps and give me something useful to post in my post-Gaelcon burnout phase, bear in mind though that there may not be many pictures to go with the battlereps as I am almost infamous for bringing a camera with me to a tournament and forgetting to take ANY photos. Ah well...

* if by local you mean 80 odd miles away

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