Monday, 31 January 2011


Well lads warpcon is over, just a quick update post to let everyone know I finished in joint 8th on points. I have to admit I got beat by TKE from Mindwar, but ended up finishing above him when it was all over (which I think is the important thing)

Anyway I'm waiting on the first of many buses that will take me home, I'll update with battle reports either later today or tomorrow depending on what time I'm home at and how knackered I am :)


  1. You finished 9th, did you not? Was it just VPs put you behind the guy above?

    Also - I was ItsPug's ONLY loss of the weekend, so... :p

  2. Millimeters away from a draw in Round 4 though :P - was a great game that.

  3. @TKE I'm joint 8th on the green sheet we were given (same battle points) but on the W-ired forum it says I got aroun 800+ more victory points earned than Rowan (the other guy on 66) nut it lists me as 10th??

    @Luke, yeah I like the close games where it all comes down to one dice roll, as long as I win of course, losing out on one dice roll is not so much fun.