Friday, 14 January 2011

Move Over Long Fangs

So GW have updated their FAQs with actual rules changes, Black Templars and Dark Angels finally get their shipment of 3++ Stormshields and the rest of the decent wargear.

This is more of a benefit for the Black Templars than the Dark Angels. Why I hear you ask?

Simple... 2 heavy weapons in a Terminator squad + Cyclones now 2 shots a piece at no increase in cost + Tank Hunters = 265 points of awesomesauce. You can have 5 such squads in your force (3 elite and 2 terminator command squads). 4 effective S9 shots against vehicles, and if your facing a horde 10 Str 4 Ap5 shots plus 4 frag missiles, all wrapped up in a 2+/5+ bow with a sprinkling of powerfist. Whats not to like?

Typhoon pattern Landspeeders are now at a 20 point discount on vanilla marines versions (although BTs do pay 5 points more for the multi-melta). With one fell swoop GW have transferred the honourable title of "missile spam champions" firmly to the Black Templars.

Not all is hunky dory in BT land though, with the loss of the old smoke launchers rules you can no longer combine them with actual cover to get a 4+ cover save AND downgrade all penetrating hits to glancing. The PotMS rule has also been updated to the same as the Vanilla codex, so its no longer possible to have a vindicator that can't be stopped.

Overall though, I'd say this FAQ is a big boost to the BT codex and you will no doubt be seeing more Black Templars and Dark Angels appearing on tables in your area in the near future.

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