Friday, 6 August 2010

Moar Mareenz!!1!

Well it appears Forgeworld have been at it again, producing more SM toys, both a new varient of armour (well not actually new, but you know what I mean) and new Ferrox pattern bolters, which in my own humble opinion rock!

To be honest, I prefer the Mk3 armour to the Mk4 (I'm not entirely sure why, I just like the heavy-set nature of the armour plates I suppose) but I do like FW's lastest offing of old style bolters. When the first set came out, I set to reminiscing about the style of the old bolters, both the RTB01 bolters from the first set of plastic marines and the second edition plastic bolters, similiar to the ones now used on the bikes, and compared to the latest plastic bolters, I much prefer the latest. Although the older style do have a certain charm, I think GW have done a nice job updating the style. The latest set of Ferrox bolters however are fantastic looking sets, and I would quite happily spend a fortune on equipping an entire marine army with Mk3 armour and Ferrox bolters.

But I would like to end this article with a message to the designers and sculptors at Forgeworld...
Remember you are not (strictly speaking) GW, enough marines, more IG!

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