Wednesday, 21 July 2010

How To Convert An Autogun

Hi all,

Today I'll be doing a quick 'How To' on how I produce the autoguns for my Servants of Slaughter list (more on that later). Its a relatively simple procedure that you should be able to reproduce in a few minutes, which is more important than you would think when you need to do 100 of them!

What you will need

Lasgun (In this example I've used a seperate lasgun that comes with the heavy weapon set)
Bolter (Space Marine players should have plenty of these lying around)
Bit of very thin plastic (I used some of the clear plastic from a blister pack)

Step 1 - Deface the lasgun
The first step will be to remove the Imperial markings from the barrel housing of the weapon (if you are using this guide to do an Imperial autogun you can skip this bit) and remove the detailing from the rear of the weapon as shown in the photo to the left.

Step 2 - Remove the flash suppressor and bayonet lug
The second step is to remove the flash suppressor just behind where it joins the barrel it should leave you with a barrel sticking out of the housing, remove the bayonet lug at the bottom of the weapon and the ??? beneath the barrel using a sharp hobby knife.

Step 3 - Removal of the sights
Using a hobby knife carefully cut out the rod that runs the length of the top of the lasgun, clean this up with a file and you should have something that looks like this...

Step 4 - Remove the powerpack
Using a sharp knife carefully remove the powerpack at the bottom of the lasgun.

Step 5 - Removing the magazine from the bolter
Using a sharp knife remove the magazine from the bottom of the bolter and set to one side

Step 6 - Assembly

Glue the bolter magazine to the bottom of the lasgun to create your autogun, use the small piece of plastic to bridge the front and rear sights on the lasgun to create a handle reminiscent of a G36 and Viola one autogun...only another 99 to go!

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  1. Not bad at all Chris!

    Barrel needs drilled though. :p